Saturday, January 31, 2009


tag dri cik sasa..........

What if your ex said these to you?

1.hi how are you? ok je,, mmpi ap ni hah,,
2.hey!you want to go to mall?ley,, but wif my luv not u
3.i love you oh no,, wyar tcbut ye u want some cookies?tenkiu lorh,, da knyang
5.can you take me a picture? buang mse la me in my homework pk la sndri,, nk hrap org je's my gift to you mmpi ap nk bg gift ni,,huhu
8.let's just be textmates? bz sgt3 you want me to buy you an ipod? btol ke ni=) xslah dga
10.let's sit together in the bus xmo la,,
11.hi baby! baby!!!!!!!!!!! ak da bsa loh still cute of cz la,, ak pun taw
13.i still love you slp sent msg kew!!!
14.can i visit your house? uma je ye.. isi uma xpyah you love me? yes,, dlu je,, huhu

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